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Professional equipment for
football goalkeepers of premium class

Choosing many professional goalkeepers

Pick up high-quality, bright outfits and reach
new heights in sports along with  Brave

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When buying gloves on prepayment,
you can order gloves personalization
with the text you need.

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Unique technology from Brave
Rounded thumb
Wrap Thumb

Increases the grip
area of ​​the ball

Hybrid cut Fingers Control - a unique development
of the Brave GK

Provides mobility of fingers
and maximum control of the ball

Ventilated material
Air Mash 8mm

Provides air circulation
and removes excess moisture

Different types of latex

which provide excellent grip in all weather conditions, cushioning and saving your wallet.

We use only natural German wear-resistant latexes.

In our gloves you will play for a long time!

Elastic clasp and place
for personalization

Wide cuffs and hooks that
do not scratch latex.
Nylon insert for convenient
tension adjustment.

The possibility of using exclusive
text and images.

Technology Fit Fix

Silicone inserts inside of gloves prevent the hand from slipping inside the glove and provide an amazing sense of the ball when catching and putting the ball into game by hand.

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athletes about Brave
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Producing sports equipment for you, we invest in it our passion for victories, the desire to emphasize your individual characteristics and realize bold ideas. Putting emotions, effort and a piece of heart to provide you with an advantage   for your victories.

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