Care of gloves
Latex palm and back of the glove: Most latex materials are extremely soft and provide excellent grip in all weather conditions, due to the softness and excellent grip, the palms of most gloves are prone to wear. Therefore, Bravry can not be held responsible for abrasion, which is the result of normal wear and tear caused by general use.

The deterioration in appearance will be particularly evident at the beginning and end of the term of use. Try to avoid contact with the ground, if possible! Young and inexperienced goalkeepers may also notice a rapid deterioration of the latex; it will become less obvious when the individual technique of ball and fall reception improves.

Most of the gloves that we sell use the best goalkeepers who play on the best surfaces with the best balls, most of which use gloves for a maximum of 8-12 games. If this is a problem, please choose a wear-resistant glove model from our range with EXTREME latex.

We advise you to use new gloves for games only, and an old pair for workout / warm-up.

Cleaning gloves
Wash the glove thoroughly with warm water Allow the gloves to dry (do not expose to direct sunlight or other sources of strong heat)

Cutting Negative Cut and Rollfinger.
Since both types of finger cut are very popular and in demand, we must warn you that the sewn seams and fingers are subjected to a huge load during training and matches, and Bravry will not offer a replacement or a return from damage to the seams and damaged latex around the tension area.

Particular attention should be given to how you gently dress and remove gloves, especially cut ROLLFINGER - do not pull the gloves by your fingers.